5 Tips for work-Life Balance

March 01, 2019

5 Tips for work-Life Balance

1. Unplug

Challenge yourself to spend 30 minutes without technology. That’s right, no phones, no computers, no checking your social media or emails. Instead, try reading a book; we recommend Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.

While you’re at it, why not take a bath. Relax in the tub with a hot cup of tea or your favourite beverage (ahem…wine) and put on your favourite face mask. Try the PhytoMud Pore Minimizing Mask to detox and purify your skin while you unplug.


5 Tips for Work-Life Balance - Face Mask

2. Exercise

Get active! So often as entrepreneurs we spend our days in front of the computer working to keep the business coming in and running smoothly. Get up and go to the gym, do yoga or go for a walk around the block.

Movement creates a change of state often triggering an emotional reaction. Physical activity can help reduce stress and give you more energy. Skin Care Tip: Wash your face before working out to prevent your pores from clogging.


3. Meditate

Take time to calm your mind each day. Be still, reflect and breathe. Try scheduling 10-15 minutes each morning or night. Allowing our mind and body to relax can improve our mood and reduce stress. Meditation is also known to improve sleep.



4. Start small

Start with a slight shift in your daily habits and get bigger from there. Habits don’t change overnight.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:


  • Journaling – spend 5 minutes each day writing down your thoughts, your goals, anything you want. We love The 5 Minute Journal to help us focus on gratitude and bring a more positive outlook on the day.
  • Reduce your sugar intake – try limiting the number of treats you have in a day or a week.
  • Set a limit for the number of hours you work in a day. Being an entrepreneur often means we allow ourselves to be available 24/7. Try placing a limit and adjust from there.



5. Get Creative

Buy tickets to a paint night or try your hand at making a terrarium. Try a furniture or jewelry making class, or take cooking lessons. Being creative allows us to think in new ways, try out new ideas and learn new techniques of problem-solving. Creativity encourages self-expression without judgement.

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