5 Tips to prevent oily skin in the summer time

May 30, 2018

No one wants their face to resemble a mirror, especially during the summer months! If you have been blessed with oily skin, we feel for you.  But have no fear, we have some tips to help you tame your oily skin and stay matte in the heat.


Clean Effectively

First, start off by cleaning your face with a cleanser that has a little Salicylic Acid or Glycolic Acid, like our Glyco-10 Exfoliating Cleanser.   Switching to something that has a little acid to the formula will help to break down the excess oil on your face without drying out the skin too much.  Do note that you don't want anything too harsh on your skin or it will create the opposite effect, your skin will be stripped too much and then want to overproduce oil.   

Dial Down Your Makeup

Cutting back on the amount of makeup you use will make a world of difference on how oily your face gets throughout the day. Heavy foundation melts in the heat, then sinks into your pores and creates more oil, making your oily skin worse.  So ditch that heavy foundation for the summer and go with a tinted moisturizer like our Illuminating Moisturizer Tint.  This sits nice a light on the skin and comes with broad-spectrum protection! If you like a little fuller coverage then a tinted moisturizer can offer, a mineral powder foundation is a good option as it soaks up excess oil. 

Perform At Home Facials


Over and above cleansing and ensuring that you are removing your makeup and washing twice per day, and take the extra step and pamper yourself! We recommend when controlling your oily skin that you exfoliate and mask two times a week.  A good gentle exfoliant will keep your pores clear of any dead skin and debris, reducing the need for your skin to overproduce oil and avoid blemishes.  As for a mask, anything with bentonite clay is beneficial to those who have oily skin, like our PhytoMud Pore Minimizing Mask.  The bentonite clay helps to control the production of oil and further cleans our your pores.  Removing dead skin and cleaning out your pores on a deeper level will reduce your skins need to overproduce oil. 

Avoid Heavy Moisturizers 


Switching to a lighter moisturizer during the summer months can certainly help with controlling your oily skin.  Using a heavier moisturizer can be too much for your skin during warmer months. Take our Pure Citrus Day Cream, it is a nice light formula that further helps to cleanse the skin and even skin tone, perfect for both day and night use.

Be Prepared

To keep your look intact through the day, and do continual shine control when needed.  Carry blotting sheets with you just in case you get a bit too oily throughout the day. You can also carry your mineral powder foundation with you, to reapply when needed to soak up the remaining unwanted oil. 

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