At what age should I start using serums in my skincare routine?

January 16, 2018

At what age should I start using serums in my skincare routine?

How many time's, have you heard 'age is just a number'?


Too many to count I'm sure, age in our society reflects on many things.  For example, age can be a reflection of one's accomplishments, abilities, and even knowledge.  With that said, one's skin is typically a reflection of their age. There are many factors that affect how your skin looks at different periods of your life, and how old you may look. To fight signs of aging we have serums, to be used at all stages of life.


Cara Skin Care offers a variety of Serums suited for different age groups, skin concerns, and skin types. Each of the Cara serums is highly concentrated with active ingredients. They are formulated for powerful results, containing antioxidants, peptides and skin brighteners. Your selected serum is an investment for flawless skin that ensures you always feel your best. It is essential to find the right serum for you to make sure you’re getting the skincare boost you desire. Additionally choosing the right serum for your age will ensure that you are not damaging your skin or purchasing a product that lacks active ingredients for what you need.


Here's our rundown of what Cara serums are appropriate for which age group:  




At this time it is great to focus on getting into a routine to keep the skin youthful. It is highly recommended to take care of your skin young, that way you will be less likely to see any deep set wrinkles in the future.  The younger you start a skin care routine, the healthier and more toned your skin is. Generally, in your 20’s it is still common to still have some acne, the Glyco-15 Serum is the perfect match for acne-prone skin. It is excellent for treating acne and preventing future breakouts, as well as combatting aging. The Glyco-15 Serum has soothing agents that leave the skin soft and hydrated. This serum is also perfect for oily skin types. For dry and the more sensitive skin, the Hydra Calm Soothing Serum is formulated to calm reactive skin and to keep the skin smooth and supple.  




Once you’re into your 30’s, your cellular turnover begins to slow down. Your skin can still be problematic and will have some damage caused from your 20’s. Such as too much exposure to the sun and not keeping up with skin care and taking makeup off at night. The recommended serum for this time is the Vita A Retinol Serum. This serum promotes cellular renewal and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This serum provides your skin with healing nutrients and reveals younger, plumper skin.




It’s time to start reversing time and treating fine lines and preventing future deep-set wrinkles. There are two selected serums excellent for this age group, the Platinum CC Serum, and the Amicelle Anti Line Serum. The Platinum CC Serum contains an innovative high-tech peptide (Platinum Matrix-EM). It repairs and improves firmness by stimulating the synthesis of 6 major components of the skin. It helps the skins ability to produce collagen while providing a luxurious veil of protection. The advanced Amicelle Anti Line Serum is highly effective in reducing the appearance of crows feet, forehead lines, frown and lip lines. It provides your skin with an immediate lifting and tightening effect, leaving your skin looking years younger.

50’s +


For more mature skin, it’s best to use a product with ultimate wrinkle-minimizing ingredients. The Power Peptide Firming Serum is excellent because it is designed with the latest scientific discoveries for smoother, firmer, and healthier looking skin. It will provide an immediate improvement while additional peptides aid in a long-term reduction of wrinkles. Giving you timeless skin and superior results.


So no matter what age in life you are at, it is essential to care for your skin, so start young.  Not to worry if you are starting a little late in the game, with quality products like Cara you will see results.  


Visit us online or in-store at a Cara salon or spa and get your skin care routine today! 

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